Streams of Life Church
3506 N 147th Street Suite 128
Omaha, NE 68116
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Information for our guests

Streams of Life is a church plant located in west Omaha. 

The pastors are Mark and Wenda Fry of Elkhorn, Nebraska and the worship pastors who will be leading worship are Eric and Lisa Purcell.

Here is information from their website: 

Advancing the Father's Healing in the Heartland

We are a people who believe in God's life-changing power. Together we are willing to take risks, balance our time and invest in real relationships. We worship, pray and eat together while serving in mission to bring healing to our neighborhoods, workplaces, families and marriages. This is our way of life. We are a diverse people who yearn to be closer to Jesus' transforming power in today's culture.


Scripture - the Bible is at the heart and center of our community life. It is the primary voice in how decisions are made, direction is determined and how God wants to heal His creation

Balance - God created us to be in relationship. We are committed to living a lifestyle where we balance our time with God, other believers and the world Christ came to save. This goes beyond Sunday.

Learning - we are devoted to learning from Jesus. Jesus invited His followers to learn from Him, imitate Him and become His apprentices. As apprentices of Jesus we want to become more like Him.

Mentoring - we are committed to developing a next generation of believers. Using our experiences, relationships and insights from Scripture, we share and show our faith.

Generosity - everything we have is a gift from God. Because God is so generous, we are a generous people. We freely give of our spiritual resources--money, time and abilities--for God's purposes.


Driving directions

Follow Maple Street west until 147th street and turn south (it's by StarBucks) 
Turn at the first right and the church is part of the complex on the left. 
Streams of Life is about in the middle of the complex. Signage is on the door and windows.

I will also have lawn signs out directing cars 

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